"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learnt in school"
-Albert Einstien

Learning never stops in a community

Rigkno brings together three important pillars of our community - the student, the teacher and the parent. The community empowers the students with the gift of knowledge and courage to pursue their dreams and be the best in everything they do.


Remain connected, Anytime, Anywhere

An intuitive tool that creates an enthusiastic and positive learning environment where your exciting conversations can be continued beyond the classroom. Students can share their 'Eureka' moments anywhere and anytime. Parents can actively participate by helping their children grow at the same time cherishing the moments they share with them.


A self-learning platform which understands the student's need and builds better possibilities to explore. Using RIGKNO Explore, the teacher can reach out to the right peers and find the best educational content that feed students' curiosity.


A powerful tool to shape your school

RIGKNO enables easy communication and efficient real-time management of curriculum, calendar and academics of the school. The school can efficiently obtain timely feedback from the parents before implementing new ideas and activities.

Key Features


Teachers can exhibit achievements & creative works of students. Also for enriching daily lessons, they can share resources and important notes.


For inspiring students, personalized content is recommended to the teacher by using Machine Learning algorithms.


Parents and teachers can engage in discussion which will help them obtain a greater understanding of the student's potential and requirements.

SMS Support

The school can effortlessly send important notices to parents and teachers in the form of push notifications or SMS.

Academics and Attendance

An efficient application where parents and teachers can login and keep track of the student's performance from time to time.

Task Management

An elegant calendar view which lets everyone plan their schedule without missing any tasks.

Bus Tracking

Track students on bus rides from home to school and back.


On signing up, the relevant classes/subjects get instantly integrated with the profile for immediate access and use.

API Integration

Built-in customizable APIs for effortless integration with the schools's ERP.